About Us

Firstly it is not about us it is always firmly about you our clients at the forefront of what we do. 

We are the platform from which you can grow by utilising our skills, knowledge and connections to be part of your team to deliver company success. We are a small team with experience from the banking and corporate finance world. 

With nearly 25 years experience in the finance and development sectors it is the key reason we focus purely on our strengths and do not become a broker offering all services to all markets.  We purely focus on any form of funding required for property or development. Our time within the corporate and banking world has meant we have the experience on their side of the desk understanding underwriting, making deals work, working with risk book profiles and presenting to credit committees and board members.

In our private lives we are also property developers and some members of the family are developers with land and planning specialism.  So we know what you are going through and have probably experienced it ourselves at some stage. With our experience in both sides of negotiation we feel it is important when we get a request for funding that is more complex or the development is quirky, we go to site to understand the case better and the nuances to the case.

We pride ourselves in the personal service we give to all our customers and the feedback we get is we ask more questions than other brokers, we dig deeper into understanding your requirements and give you more solutions as we go to a wider market. Lenders totally get us and commend us for our understanding of development finance structures and the market we operate in. 

We don’t just fill out application forms we “pitch” your deal to them giving them easy to understand facts and figures they need to credit assess the project. During implementation or site development we keep in contact and carry out site visits to ensure everything is running smoothly and to see if there is anything we can do to assist at each stage. 

We are not desk brokers but development brokers, we need to understand your development.  We can only represent you and get the best deal if we fully understand you and the funding requirement in detail.

What does this mean for you? As property developers we understand the diverse needs of developers at each stage.  We can take limiting factors and look at how we can best present this to the lender, mitigating limitations that may cause a lender to say no if we merely filled in online forms.  We know how to talk their language and work through to a solution.

We are on your side, we’ve got your back and have your best interests at heart.  We are your competitive advantage.