Auction Finance

Property auctions are a fast moving environment and you need a fast finance solution behind you to bid with confidence. We will arrange a decision in principle before the auction to give you peace of mind the deal can be financed after the gavel falls.

We understand an auction can give you a great choice of properties all in one place and all selling on that one day. The buying process is quick and therefore to investors and developers like you, don’t hang around waiting to complete. The deadline is clear and everyone needs to work to achieve it with you.

Whether you are buying land or property, with or without planning permission, commercial or investment, renovation or new build there is a solution for you.

We can also arrange the development finance to build or refurbish your new acquisition, getting you finance ready and more streamlined once your auction purchase is complete.

If you have poor credit history or CCJ’s there are still some solutions out there, but don’t delay the more complex the risk the longer it can take to get you the best deal, time is ticking!

What if the property goes over the decision in principle level?
Never a good idea to get caught up in the bidding frenzy, but if you get carried away tell us as soon as you can, we are here to help you find the finance for your purchase. Within 24-48 hours we usually can have a new decision for you.

Don’t delay call now on 0333 444 1212 and tell us about that property you want to bid on.