Refurbishment Finance

Whether you are carrying out minor refurbishment; like new kitchens or bathrooms; or have extensive works planned for your property; we have a finance solution for you.

For the more complex refurbishments or conversions it is important you set out your timeframes for each stage of the works through to completion and have a documented schedule of works and budgets. This will underpin the amount required and the term for the finance. It is therefore vitally important you know you can work within the timeframes you set out or build some contingency into the plan.

Equally important is your exit plan. Are you selling or renting after the refurbishment is completed? Why this is important before the refurbishment has even started? Well it gives the lender the comfort of knowing what you intend to do and that you have a refinance plan if the exit is to rent.

We can give you documents to help you plan your refurbishment and help you with your exit plan if refinance is your preferred choice. We can provide examples of rates typical of the market if the property was being refinanced today. We can demonstrate this to potential lenders to show the exit stacks up.

If there is anything you need clarifying the team is here to help, call 0333 444 1212, we’re here to help you.