Development Finance

There are many lenders out there who specialise in development finance and they are all actively lending and eager to get your project off the ground.

You can borrow up to 100% of the build costs with terms up to 24 months to complete. Whether you are building a single property or a multi-unit development there are flexible finance solutions to fit your need.

What is development finance?
Development finance is specifically designed for property developers (either individuals or companies) to have the finance to develop: new build projects (from one property upwards), residential or commercial developments and also for more extensive refurbishments or conversions of property.

Is development finance just for residential developments?
No we can arrange finance for semi-commercial, full commercial and can include a contribution to land costs.

Can you finance multi-unit residential refurbishments?
Yes you can and on all larger developments the loan will be released in staged payments as the work progresses. This keeps the cost of the loan down over the long term as you only pay/accrue interest on the money you draw down.

Can you finance terms longer than 24 months?
Yes we can. This will require the loan to be structured, with the lender, in phases for larger developments which span more than 24 months.

What happens when the development phase ends?
If you are not selling the development but keeping within your portfolio we will arrange the finance to take the units onto a term loan as soon as they are completed.

So to get your next development off the ground
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