Portfolio Refinance

Are you a property investor sitting on a portfolio with equity tied up? Do you want to release some of the money tied up in your investments?

Well you can.

There are different ways to release the equity you have built up in your portfolio.

BTL Portfolio

Has your portfolio accumulated growth over time? Then the chances are a straightforward refinance of the portfolio on today’s standard BTL mortgages can release the money you are looking for at competitive rates.

HMO Portfolio

Lenders will refinance your HMO portfolio but the lending may be slightly lower depending on your experience in managing HMO’s and valuations.

There is much speculation about the valuations of HMO’s and often landlords think a multi-let can be classed as an HMO. The valuation is down to the individual valuers knowledge and experience of an area to determine if a HMO can be valued at multiples of the net annual income or on a bricks and mortar valuation.

Mixed Use or Commercial Portfolio

These are typically financed through commercial finance unless they require some refurbishment works before they are being refinanced within the portfolio.

Don’t let any of this confuse you, call us and let us know what you want to do with your portfolio and we will see what finance is available.

What are you waiting for? Call one of the team now on 0333 444 1212 and let’s find the finance for your project.